Your Brand, Delivered to Their Phone,
In a Heartbeat

Build engaging campaigns and deliver it to people with Nearby notifications

People are always on their phones

And they welcome experiences that are delivered on the same platform they use – All. Day. Long.

Formulated Messages

We are fully staffed with marketing consultants with over 50 years of collective experience, we use methodologies that convert audiences to visitors, and visitors to customers.

Beacons Send a Pulse

With over 180,000 square feet of blanket coverage, our Pods emit pulses every 300ms to every device in the area

Instant Notification

The Pods automagically deliver your unique and formulated message and/or business offer to every Bluetooth-enabled device in proximity!


Instead of wondering whether a message gets approved, we help you formulate a strong marketing message that not only gets approved by governing networks, but gets your audience clicking on it.


Create more than just a message!

Add pictures, videos, buttons, even a custom landing page!

Never limit yourself to just 40 characters again!


Before, people needed to use custom links to track their results; now, Google Analytics will automatically track each individual beacon! Now you can optimize your campaign with granular detail!

Auto Dealerships

Use proximity marketing to showcase your inventory with interactive slideshows and videos when they are nearby the vehicle they’re interested in.

Real Estate

Agents and Developers alike can now have their billboards and signs deliver virtual tours to people’s phones.


Promoters and managers can manage activities and attract new and repeat customers


Use analytics to determine when best to offer happy hour, notify patrons of specials, or even take surveys to get to know what they want next!


Offer a new and faster way to order room service, or partner with other brands to share their products and services to tourists and guests

Shopping Malls

Cut through the noise of crowds and display ads! Deliver the content people want on the device they use in areas they frequent!